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why the drum cutter can replace a hammer?

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Update time : 2019-03-05 14:38:03
The drum cutters can be installed on any type of hydraulic excavator, effectively replacing common attachment such as buckets, breakers and hydraulic shears. It can be used in coal mines, tunneling and contour correction, trenching, pitch road-surface milling, rock frozen soil milling, tree root milling and many other fields.

Advantages: low noise, low vibration, and environmental protection. When using the drum cutter, the safety and efficiency are relatively high, and the milled particles are small, which can be directly used as the filler material.

1. Wide range of milling: When milling low-hardness rocks such as weathered rock and tuff, the output production is relatively high, and it is also possible to mill concrete without reinforcement or a small amount of steel.

2. Low vibration and low noise: It can effectively replace the blasting construction in the limited blasting area (such as shallow tunnel or broken rock formation), reduce the disturbance to the surrounding rock, and protect the environment well.

3. Precise control construction: It can quickly and accurately trim the contour of the structure, and it can be used in tunnel excavation to solve the problem of undercutting the headache of the construction unit.

4. The milled material has a small and uniform particle size and can be used directly as the filler material.

5. Good safety: use the drum cutter to replace the manual tunneling of soft rock or broken rock to eliminate the danger of workers in front, thus greatly improving the safety of tunnel construction.

6. Simple structure and easy to use: It can be installed on any existing hydraulic excavator and can be installed by hydraulic circuit of hydraulic breaker or clamp.